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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, the Movie I’d Been Waiting For June 18, 2011

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Grapefruit and Aloe juice.

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First, I haven’t seen it yet, but if you recall from a previous post I was excited for it to come out when I first heard it was in the works.

I admit that the past few months I haven’t been juicing daily and I can really, really, really tell the difference. Even if it was a placebo effect, when I juiced every day I felt so much better physically, emotionally and mentally. I felt so good that there was a point I forgot that juicing was helping and thought it was all on my own and kind of dropped the daily juicing habit.

In the beginning, it was ok because I’d supplement a juice here and there from the juice bar where I work. Then, I even stopped that after getting sick one day immediately after drinking one and have blamed it since then. Then, I gave my juicer to someone who really needed it and never bought myself one. After I put up these roadblocks to juicing, I started not feeling as good as I did juicing.

So ladies and gentlemen, I’m back in the game. Although, now I do a mixture of juices and green smoothies. I don’t do any fruit only smoothies, they’re more like thick juices with add-ins so it’s my own creation of juice and smoothie. I like the combo sometimes because there’s supplements I like to add and other things like chia seeds or acai.

I hope to one day have one of these, a Vitamix because it juices and blends so perfectly and in one machine, but it’s a bit out of my price range right now and for a long while unfortunately. I just keep it on my wishlist because I will have it one day. For now, I’ve settled for my own cheaper version, a blender and a juicer as separate appliances. I am so grateful and fortunate to have a Vitamix in my lunchroom at work, though so I get the pleasure at least once a day if I want.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this post was to let you know that Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is out on DVD (and stream & download) now and can be purchased through its website. You can even host a screening for not that much dough (click here for details). I’ve seen the trailer and hopefully will be able to see the movie soon, which I will post a review once I do.

Watch the trailer below and see the movie soon. I bet you Joe Cross will have you juicing faster than I will. Yes, I’ll admit defeat when I see it. His movie is all about how he was literally fat, sick and nearly dead so he juiced for 60 days straight and it led to him getting healthier and keeping that healthier lifestyle. What’s great is how he went around the country getting people to try juice and juicing and spreading the word. Kudos! Let’s keep spreading the word and the benefits you can get from adding a fresh juice into your daily routine.


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