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Persimmon Kiwi Sweetness November 14, 2010

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The other day my grocery store had an extraordinarily pretty display of foyu persimmons (the non astringent kind) on sale so I picked up a couple with intentions to experiment. Honestly, I’m not too familiar with persimmons so I wasn’t entirely sure what other fruit or vegetable I may want to mix it with but I picked up a couple of kiwifruits because they were on sale as well.

Turns out persimmons are exactly what I need right now as they are known for their diuretic and laxative effects. Oh and since persimmons are high in Vitamin C , highly effective at enhancing the immune system and help relieve cold and flu symptoms guess it really is ‘tis the season for persimmons.

We all know how PMS bloat makes women into water balloons and a persimmon a day is actually recommended to prevent and/or relieve water retention. Plus, due to its high content of water and fiber it has excellent laxative properties and can be a powerful natural remedy for constipation.

Finally, persimmons also help with: high blood pressure, liver health, body detox, stress, fatigue, and tiredness. It’s actually a natural energizer like a natural Monster energy drink due to it being highly digestible and high in sugars.

Persimmon Kiwi Sweetness

4 foyu persimmons (Peeled and cut in half. Also, make sure you are using a foyu persimmon or the non-astringent kind or it will not be palatable)

3 kiwifruits (Keep the skin on as it’s full of nutrients and I hear it’s how the natives eat them anyway)

1 Bosc pear (I added this for sweetness as most persimmons juice drinks add some sort of sugar)